Bathroom Remodel Trends You Should Incorporate Into Your Bathroom Remodel

Are you getting bored with your dull-looking bathroom? You’re not the only one! In 2023, nearly 50% of Americans wanted a bathroom remodel, stating they could no longer stand its outdated style.
Home Improvement in 2024 incorporates revolutionary designs by fusing the old with the new. You might find yourself scrolling through apps, searching for vintage pieces that can give your bathroom character, and we don’t blame you! Accepting that your bland, white bathroom doesn’t look like the ones on your vision board is difficult, but these bathroom remodel trends can help you get the upgrade your bathroom desperately needs.
Follow along as we discuss the latest and most exciting trends in home improvement and help you make your bathroom feel like a personal oasis.

Bathroom Designs: Make a Statement Using 8 Bathroom Remodel Trends

The trends set by designers, celebrities, and influencers are taking over social media. Making a statement is important, even in your bathroom. Incorporate inspiring earth motives, a mix of modern and vintage styles, and combine textures and bold colors to make people stare in awe as they walk in. SemBro Design & Supply follows the latest bathroom remodel trends and incorporates an impactful design that turns heads. We hope to inspire you with these fresh trends so you can give your bathroom a much-needed makeover. Let us help you make the right choices!

Walk-in Showers are a Must

Did you know that only 19% of Americans prefer baths over showers? It’s no wonder that walk-in showers are the biggest trend this year.

With plenty of room to shower and relax, a walk-in shower is the best element to consider during your bathroom remodel. Make your bathroom feel like a spacious spa—ditch the bathtub, save some space, and enjoy the comfort of a walk-in shower!

Use Colors and Materials Inspired by Nature

Nature is the prevalent motive, and organic elements are an eco-friendly design choice in 2024. People want their walls, floors, and countertops made from wood, stone, or marble, giving their bathrooms some life! Accompanied by bold or warm earthy tones such as beige, brown, green, and red on the walls, this design combination gives the place a soothing and comforting feel, making it more homely.
Implement wood accents during your bathroom remodel

Wood accent designs have increased their popularity since 2023, and homeowners are incorporating them into their bathroom remodeling. The popular warm wood vanities and countertops are eye-catching and bring charm to the design. The best thing about the wood accent is that it can be done on a budget! Don’t let your circumstances keep you away from your dream bathroom. Wood is cost-effective and will give your bathroom a cozy, inviting vibe.

Get Statement Pieces

Treat your bathroom remodeling as an exciting experiment and explore your options. A stand-out piece will contribute to the unique character you’re trying to achieve. This year, the popularity of statement pieces has been on the rise. You can select everything from free-standing bathtubs in eccentric shapes for a contemporary feel to vintage mirrors from local marketplaces for a retro vibe. A striking element will elevate the feel and look of the space. Get inspired by timeless aesthetics, and incorporate elements that leave a lasting impression.

Try Textured and Bold Tiles

Bring some color to your space—funky and fresh tiles are back! These 70s and 80s-inspired bathroom remodel trends are taking over the world! Nothing uplifts a bathroom as much as a bold tile with an interesting pattern. Whether it’s ceramic, porcelain, or stone, a colorful tile will add some dimension to the space and is a great alternative to the typically dull, white-washed walls.

Mix Different Styles

Boring bathrooms are out of fashion. The latest trends aim for unique bathrooms with character. The goal is to create a timeless aesthetic you won’t mind seeing every day, and you can achieve this by curating the design and picking elements to your taste. Visualize your bathroom design eclectically. Mix boldly painted walls with wood, stone, or even glass elements, and try different patterns and decorations to give it a personal touch.
Consider mixing styles for your bathroom remodel

Opt For Colored Sanitaryware

Adding a pop of color to your home is all the rage this year, and sanitaryware is no exception! Toilets and sinks in pastel colors or earth tones are another returning retro trend that will inspire young homeowners in 2024. This trend is another ecological, nature-inspired trend that includes using elements made from raw materials to upgrade a home while protecting the environment. Colorful sanitaryware made from quality ceramics can be a key element in making your bathroom stand out and more lively.

Choose Functionality Over Aesthetics

Many homeowners choose to create a comfortable, long-lasting space that will accompany them as they age. The highlight of functionality in this trend is proof that cost-effective solutions are still the best when it comes to bathroom remodeling. Grab bars, large windows, heated and nonslip floors, and added storage space are some of the most popular choices for promoting accessibility, functionality, and comfort in the bathroom. The functionality of these elements doesn’t necessarily mean they’re unappealing. You can find these elements and include them in your bathroom’s color palette and aesthetics to maximize your comfort!

From Vision Board to Completion: Simple Bathroom Remodels

Designing and planning a bathroom remodel can get complicated. A trusted design and building team can help you plan, offer assistance, and make sure your plans for a dream bathroom can be realized.

SemBro Design & Supply has a simple process that leads from an easy in-house consultation to completion:

  • Easy consultation: Our reliable team of experts will first consult with you about your plans, exchange ideas, and ensure they understand your ideas.
  • Design review: Next, they will discuss your project’s design and pricing while answering your questions.
  • Designing stage: This part finalizes the design, with the possibility of changes for a small fee.
  • Your approval: Once you’ve approved the remodeling plan, you sign a contract that approves the construction stage with the materials already provided.
  • Construction stage: A project specialist will oversee the project from beginning to end, ensuring everything goes according to plan and meets your needs.
  • Completion of the project: As the project nears completion, our team will contact you if you have more questions they can answer. You will also get warranty coverage that protects your investment and offers our extended support!

Let's Spice Up Your Bathroom

Wrapping up, it’s clear that revamping your bathroom with these trending design choices can transform it from a mundane to a magnificent space. Whether you’re drawn to the elegance of walk-in showers, the natural beauty of wood and stone, or the boldness of colorful tiles and sanitaryware, there’s a trend to make your bathroom stand out. At SemBro Design & Supply, we’re committed to turning your bathroom remodel dreams into reality. From initial consultation through design and construction, our team ensures a smooth, seamless experience, helping you navigate choices and execute your vision with expertise.
Ready to take the first step toward a bathroom that’s as functional as it is beautiful? Let SemBro guide you from vision to stunning completion, making the process enjoyable and your outcomes spectacular.