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Does Your Home Need a Makeover

May 4, 2018

Use the Pros for these No-Nos.

Do you need a home makeover? There are times in life when we just want a change in scenery more than anything. In Columbus Ohio there are award-winning designers who work very hard to learn and master the secrets that make a home remodel into the best retreat the homeowners have ever visited. Get your home boasting of tranquility and leisure again with a stunning Columbus home improvement, bathroom renovation or kitchen remodeling update that will take the breath away from all your visitors. Listed below are three top clues that your home needs a change for the better!


1. The mornings are chaotic and the evenings are unpleasant. Try to envision a place you have visited, or possibly lived, where it was easy to get ready for the day and not stressful to get out to your daily routine. Was it also nice to come home every evening and did you look forward to it? Imagine the layout, design and organization of those places that fit these criteria. Did they all share something in common? Bring some of those elements to your home with the professional guidance of experts who know and love their work.

2. Something always feels off. Years ago I realized that having a beautiful home doesn’t necessarily mean living on an enormous estate with maids to do all the work. I remembered the times I had traveled and stayed in hotels, and I realized that they all had something in common: they had only the things in the room that served a purpose, and things always went back to looking how they were meant to look. If your home lacks purpose in some rooms or things never find a place where they belong, an award-winning designer in Columbus Ohio can help make sense of everything and help you keep everything where it works best.

3. You are showing you home to prospective buyers who are never impressed. Today’s interior designers know the secrets of what lines, colors and combinations in your home send the best visual messages to buyers. They know what buyers can’t resist and what they could do without. They have been helping people stage homes for years and have developed a keen eye for what works well for most homes, and where they have to customize for each home individually. When selling your home is important, don’t let even one buyer slip by without seeing your home at its ultimate best. Contact a pro today for your personalized home makeover.

Every day is a chance to have a better day. Get started on improving your home while the day’s still young!

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