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Get Your Home in Shape for Summer

May 18, 2018

Get Your Home into Shape for Summer, Fast!


When the warm weather and summer break hit you this year, don’t be caught off guard with these tips on the best ways to prepare for outdoor fun and frolic.


    1. Plan out the best seating arrangements for large gatherings versus small ones.  This will let you be ready for having the space and seating necessary to accommodate your party with comfort, and for smaller get-togethers with more closeness.  An outdoor seating area is also a grand treat for everyone involved, and makes the homeowners that much prouder to host an evening in their home.




    1. Get your bathrooms and kitchen into tip-top shape.  It is frustrating when appliances don’t perform with efficiency when you need them to, but during a party it can mean disaster.  Tune up these sensitive areas of your home with a handyman inspection that will ensure your home runs smoothly and your costs are low in case a repair is needed.  When the days arrive to host large crowds or boisterous friends, you will sit pretty knowing that the toilets and sinks are ready to withstand whatever ensues.




    1. Let them stay the night.  If your home barely accommodates your immediate family and even they keeps running out of space, get ready for possible over-night guests with a brand-new and stunning room addition.  For many families, a change in the number of occupants or a growing home-office has meant a great reduction in the available storage and sleeping space.  With a room addition or a home remodel that increases the size of existing rooms, you can be ready for anything when the time arrives.




    1. Summer-time is also a great time to sell your home if you have been considering it.  Get ready for the rush of potential home-buyers who are looking for the newest and freshest.  Give your home the updated feel and look that homebuyers are attracted to and greatly improve your presentation for open-house season.  With an award-winning Columbus Ohio design and remodeling team you too can have the most popular home for sale and greatly add to the sale price of your home.




    1. With the longer, warmer days of summer come the higher, unpredictable energy bills.  Get your abode ready with energy-saving insulation updates and take advantage of those Columbus Ohio winds with the latest in wind turbine technology options. Your upgrades are also likely to be subsidized in part by local energy providers in order to encourage greener homes.




This year, be the early-bird in getting a start on summer-proofing your home!


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Contact SemBro Designs for a Free in home consultation and Free estimate.