2023 Kitchen Cabinet Trends To Look Forward To

2023 Trendy Kitchen cabinets

As the year 2022 came to an end, we look back at some cabinet trends that were taking over 2022. Being a Cleveland Ohio cabinet supplier, we most defenitly see a wide varitey of styles and colors that our clients order from us.  Most trends tend to stay from year to year and don’t dramatically change. But before we look at what cabinet trends to look forward to in 2023, let’s look back at some 2022 cabinet trends that everyone was doing.

Looking Back At 2022 Cabinet Trends

There are many trends we could look at, but let’s just go over a few of them. 

1. The emergence of bright-colored cabinets.

With the dark notes of the COVID years, people wanted to brighten up their homes and bring in more brightly colored cabinets in 2022 to lighten the atmosphere of their homes. To be honest, how can you blame people? 

Brightly Colored Cabinets Installed By SemBro

2. Modern dark cabinets trend

It is quite interesting how one trend is bright-colored cabinets and another trend that same year is dark modern cabinets. With modern cabinets like these, people were able to create a modern sleek kitchen look that makes appliances and just about everything else in the kitchen stick out.

Dark Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets Installed By SemBro

3. Reclaimed wood kitchen cabinets

The third and final cabinet trend we are going to mention from 2022, is the trend of reclaimed wood kitchen cabinets. A lot of companies that make cabinets are starting to incorporate more natural and eco-friendly materials into their cabinets. With the world always looking for ways to be more eco-friendly, these new reclaimed wood kitchen cabinets are perfect and still give you that beautiful kitchen look.

Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets Installed By SemBro

What Type Of Kitchen Cabinet Styles Will 2023 Bring?

With 2022 in the past, it’s time to look ahead to the future. If you’re thinking about updating your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, then we highly recommend that you continue reading. We have compiled a list of a few options to consider that can add character and style to your kitchen or bathroom.

1. Two Toned Cabinets

One cabinet trend that has been gaining popularity is two-toned cabinets. This involves mixing and matching different shades of wood or paint to add depth and visual interest to your kitchen or bathroom. In addition to adding visual interest, two-toned cabinets can also be used to create a particular aesthetic or theme in your kitchen. 

For example, you can use a darker shade on the lower cabinets to create a more formal or traditional look, or a lighter shade on the upper cabinets to create a more modern or contemporary feel. The safest and most popular look that clients go for often has the cabinets in a light color, and the island in the middle of the kitchen with a dark base to create a fluid two-tone look.

Overall, two-toned cabinets are a popular choice for those looking to add character and style to their kitchen while also creating a cohesive and visually appealing space.

See some of the recent kitchens we worked on that utilize this two-toned look below. 

Kitchens With Two Toned Cabinets Installed By SemBro

2. Matte Finish Kitchen Cabinets

Another cabinet trend to consider is matte finishes. We believe matte finishes on kitchen cabinets are going to become increasingly popular in 2023 due to the sleek and modern look that it adds to a room. Unlike gloss finishes, which have a shiny and reflective surface, matte finishes are non-reflective and have a more muted, velvety appearance. This makes them ideal for creating a sophisticated and understated look in the kitchen.

If you are considering using matte finishes on your cabinets and want to strengthen your decision, a big advantage matte finish has over gloss-finished cabinets is that they are easy to maintain and keep clean. With gloss finishes, you have to clean constantly to remove the smudges and fingerprints, but that is not the case with matte finish cabinets. So if you are looking to make your kitchen look more visually appealing while not having to stress over constantly cleaning, matte finish cabinets would be the perfect choice for you.

Another reason matte finishes will become popular in 2023 is because of their versatility. It can be used in a variety of design styles, from modern and minimalistic to traditional and rustic. It also works well with a range of materials and colors. So no matter what kind of kitchen or bathroom cabinet style you have, matte finishes will only make your cabinets look better.

Kitchens With Matte Cabinets Installed By SemBro

3. Textured Finish Kitchen Cabinets

For those looking to add a bit of texture and depth to their cabinets, textured finishes such as distressed or rough-hewn wood can be a great option. These finishes can add a rustic or farmhouse feel to your space and can be a great way to add character and warmth to your kitchen or bathroom.

Textured finishes on kitchen cabinets involve creating a rough or raised surface on the cabinet doors and drawers. This can be achieved through techniques such as distressing, hand-sculpting, or using textured materials such as wood grain or faux leather.

One reason textured finishes may become popular in 2023 is due to the increasing trend toward unique and personalized kitchen design. Textured finishes add visual interest and depth to cabinets, making them stand out in a kitchen. They also offer a more tactile experience, giving the cabinets a more natural and organic feel.

Another reason is, textured finishes can also be a cost-effective way to update an older kitchen without having to completely replace the cabinets. By adding a textured finish, you can give your kitchen a fresh, modern look without breaking the bank. Textured finishes are perfect for kitchen styles as it adds a little bit of uniqueness to your cabinets, which will catch any guest’s attention.

4. Minimalistic Kitchen Cabinets

Another cabinet trend that we think will emerge in 2023 is minimalistic cabinet designs. One reason we think this is because the trend of minimalistic cabinet design has been gaining popularity in recent years, with people looking to declutter and simplify their lives. This trend is likely to continue since everyone is looking to add more stuff to their homes without cluttering up their shelves and cabinets.

Minimalistic kitchen cabinets are also easy to maintain and clean, which is a big advantage for busy homeowners and honestly everybody, because who likes to constantly clean? With simple designs on your cabinets, it is easier to keep the cabinets looking new and clean.

Another thing to note about minimalistic kitchen cabinets is that they can help to create a more spacious and open feel in the kitchen. Looking at smaller homes or apartments can make a big difference for the homeowner on how their home looks. By using clean lines and a neutral color palette, these cabinets can help to make the space feel more open and airy, even if it is not physically larger, which is why we think minimalistic design cabinets will become even more popular in 2023.


Minimalistic Kitchens Installed By SemBro

In Summary

Overall, there are several options to consider when it comes to updating your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Whether you prefer two-toned cabinets, matte finishes, textured finishes, or a minimalistic design, there are plenty of ways to add character and style to your space. So take some time to explore the different options and find the perfect cabinets for your home.


You may be wondering, who can I contact to help me plan for 2023 and get my kitchen up to date with the trends? That is where we come in. Here at SemBro Design & Supply in Cleveland Ohio, we have experts in all areas, especially in the cabinet field. We will help you with any questions that you may have and help you in the process to remodel or even install new cabinets to your liking. Contact us today, and let us know what we can help you with!