Bathroom Design Ideas for Your Next Bathroom Remodel


Did you know that the average person takes a trip to the bathroom roughly 2,500 times a year? This translates to about 6 to 8 daily visits, making it one of the most frequently used spaces in a single home. Not only that, but If you have guests over, it’s highly likely that they’ll need to use the restroom and, most often, judge your entire household based on its appearance.

Perhaps your toiletries haven’t received any love in quite some time and are long due for a makeover. With so many ideas coming in from all sides of the internet, you might be wondering, what is the best approach for your bathroom remodel? Stick around and join us as we share our favorite bathroom design ideas that will certainly help your bowels move with ease!
A finished, sleek-looking full bathroom remodel utilizing the classic concrete finish

Bathroom Types

Before we dive into the aesthetics, we first have to familiarize ourselves with the various types of bathrooms based on their size and the utilities they feature. Understanding these will help you determine which category yours falls into and, hopefully, provide you with a better idea as to what you need to do. Let’s have a look:
  • Full Bathroom. Also known as the master bathroom, this type features a toilet, sink, bathtub, and shower, or a combination of both.
  • Three-quarter Bathroom. Similar to the full bathroom, this type is equipped with either a shower or a bathtub, but not both. If you’re considering a complete bathroom remodel, this is most likely the one you should be looking at.
  • Half-bathroom. Commonly referred to as powder rooms or guest bathrooms, half-bathrooms come equipped with a toilet and a sink.
  • Quarter-bathroom. The smallest of the bunch, often containing either a toilet or a shower stall. They’re probably not your typical bathroom remodel contender.
Keep in mind that designing and equipping your bathroom can prove to be a difficult task to take upon yourself. If you decided to hire an interior designer already, look no further. SemBro Design & Supply is a family-owned and operated business in the area of Cleveland, Ohio, specializing in the home improvement sector, ready to beautify your bathroom.

Contemporary Design Ideas

If you’re like most, you want a modern appearance. While a traditional bathroom design can enrich the overall atmosphere of a home, a contemporary approach will help you achieve a timeless aesthetic, and also increase your total home value by a decent percentage. Without further ado, let’s go over some of our favorite modern bathroom design ideas. Take notes and make your pick carefully, as they’ll serve you for decades to come.

Minimalism Is Key

One of the most important aspects of modern space design is a minimalistic approach, especially when it comes to bathroom remodels. At this point, many of you are probably asking yourselves, what is minimalism, and how does one go about achieving it?
Two words are enough to help you grasp the concept and apply it: simplicity and coherence. A minimalistic restroom takes advantage of empty, clutter-free space and geometry. Every single element in the toiletries should have its own place and serve a purpose, simultaneously working well with the others. Simply put, it’s about making it both functional and visually appealing. You don’t want to get rid of all the fixtures; however, it would be wise to stick to the essentials while taking advantage of various lighting and storing techniques. To put it bluntly, less is definitely more, particularly for full and three-quarter bathrooms.

Smart Storage Practices

When aiming for a sleek bathroom design, never overlook the importance of storage. You don’t want your skin care products, fragrances, and small appliances all over the place. Instead, consider opting for some alternative storage solutions that aren’t apparent to the naked eye. This includes smart positioning of shelves without taking up too much space, storage behind your mirrors, and built-in closets within the walls, to name a few.
Remember, the less clutter, the more elegance!
A complete bathroom remodel featuring the navy bluewhite color pattern

Light Sources

While you can’t do too much with window location, you can with window design. Go for big windows to introduce more natural light in your kitchen, getting creative with the size and colors of their frames. Also, use electrical lighting to your advantage to provide targeted light sources.

Artistic Color-Schemes

In order to define the space, a modern bathroom remodel should take great advantage of creative color play. The color combination that you choose will ultimately decide the style and layout of your new restroom. Some of our top recommendations include:
  • Black/White. Nothing like a bit of yin and yang to spice up the atmosphere. The vertical half-black, half-white finish is among the popular ones and worthy of consideration.
  • Navy Blue/White. Take your home to the coast of Amalfi with the combination of bright but mysterious white flooring and navy blue elements.
  • Light Gray/Mahogany. If you really want to add some essence to your toiletries, light gray walls, combined with mahogany-colored flooring, will do just that.
  • Concrete. You can find a concrete appearance in every household that takes advantage of modernism. This one is certainly a minimalism classic!
Hiring a professional and navigating the various paths through them will certainly speed up the process and get you the desired outcome with finesse. Not only can SemBro Design & Supply turn your toiletries into a work of art, but we can also supply all of the materials that you need.

Flooring Considerations

If you’re aiming for sophistication within your home, flooring should be given considerable attention during your bathroom remodel. The best floors for any type of bathroom can withstand moisture and humidity and offer a slip-free surface regardless of water exposure.

Contemporary bathroom designs feature flooring materials such as luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), vinyl roll, and porcelain or ceramic tiles. Marble and granite finishes are worthy contenders as well if you want to achieve that sturdy, lavish appearance that just sticks out.

Indoor Meets Outdoor

Imagine waking up on a beautiful Sunday morning, filling a bath, lying down in it, and facing the greeneries of Mother Nature. A modern lavatory utilizes outdoor space almost as if it’s inside your home, especially with floor-to-ceiling windows. This is a great way to give your bathroom that shiny, well-lit finish that both relaxes and rejuvenates you.

Bringing Your Dream Bathroom to Life

Whether you’re updating a large bathroom or refreshing a small guest restroom, SemBro Design & Supply in Cleveland is here to help you through every step. From selecting durable materials and stylish colors to implementing clever storage solutions and installing beautiful flooring, we bring expertise and quality to ensure your bathroom remodel is a success. Let us turn your bathroom into a beautifully designed space that you’ll appreciate every day. Start your remodeling journey with us today, and see how your dream bathroom becomes a reality.