Designing a Bathroom That Grows with Your Family


If you’re willing to make a change and enhance your culinary space, let’s go over 10 upcoming kitchen trends in 2024 that are set to define the year.

Start with a Flexible Layout

The foundation of any bathroom that can adapt to a family’s evolving needs is a flexible layout. When planning your bathroom remodel, think about how the space can be used differently as your children grow or as elderly family members may need more accessible features.

Spacious Design:

Opt for a layout that allows for easy movement and can accommodate changes like installing grab bars or a seated shower area in the future.

Separate Wet and Dry Areas:

Consider separating the shower or tub from the rest of the bathroom to keep the space safe and usable for family members of all ages.
Bright kitchen with green cabinets and a touch of greenery

Choose Durable, Easy-to-Clean Materials

For a family bathroom, durability and ease of maintenance should be top priorities in your bathroom remodeling plans.

Resilient Flooring:

Select flooring materials that are both durable and slip-resistant, such as textured tiles.

Quality Fixtures:

Invest in high-quality fixtures that can withstand frequent use. For example, solid brass faucets are more durable than their plastic counterparts.
Spacious kitchen with window walls and an outstanding view

Incorporate Ample Storage

A family bathroom often needs to store a multitude of items, from baby care products to teenagers’ beauty supplies. During your bathroom remodel, focus on smart storage solutions.

Vanity with Drawers:

Choose a vanity that offers plenty of drawers and cabinets to keep countertops clutter-free.

Additional Storage Solutions:

Consider adding a linen closet, wall-mounted cabinets, or shelves to store towels, toiletries, and cleaning supplies.

Ensure Safety for All Ages

Safety is a critical aspect of a bathroom that’s meant for the whole family.

Non-slip Surfaces:

Install non-slip mats in the bathtub and on the bathroom floor to prevent falls.

Temperature Control:

Thermostatic shower controls that prevent sudden temperature changes can protect children and the elderly from scalding.

Create an Adaptable Bathtub and Shower Area

The bathtub and shower area are central to a family bathroom. Design this area in your bathroom remodel to be adaptable to different age groups.

Bathtub for Young Children:

A bathtub is essential for families with young children, but it can also have hand-held shower heads for older members.

Walk-in Shower:

If space allows, consider adding a walk-in shower for ease of use by elderly family members in the future.
A 2024 kitchen trend - wooden kitchen island with wooden chairs

Choose a Timeless Design

While it’s tempting to follow the latest design trends in your bathroom remodel, opting for a timeless design ensures the space remains appealing and functional as trends come and go.

Neutral Palette:

Stick to neutral colors for the major elements like tiles and fixtures. You can add personality with accessories and paint, which are easier to change over time.

Classic Fixtures:

Choose classic styles for fixtures and fittings that won’t look dated as design trends evolve.


Designing a bathroom remodel that grows with your family requires a balance of functionality, safety, and adaptability. By considering the diverse and changing needs of all family members, you can create a space that is not just a functional bathroom but a supportive part of your family home for years to come.

If you’re in the process of planning a bathroom remodeling project and need guidance on creating a space that will grow with your family, consider consulting with professionals like those at SemBro Designs. They can help you navigate the many options available and create a bathroom that meets your family’s needs both now and in the future.