Kitchen Design Trends That Never Get Old

Keeping up with kitchen design styles nowadays is easier than ever. Stores are glutted with the latest décor styles, and designers inexorably predict what the next big thing in interior design will be. We understand if you succumb to the latest trends. After all, they bring novelty and variety to your ambience.
But after a short period, the same features will be considered tacky. Resisting trends and making your kitchen a timeless classic is the real deal. Classical design choices are noble and refined yet always in style. In case you need some inspiration, today, we’ll look at kitchen remodel options that truly stand the test of time.

Marble or Quartzite

Natural stones have a deep and ancient history – they’re present in sculptures and monuments to temples and mosques. All of these things have a characteristic soul and aura to them. You can rest assured that marble can add a sense of identity even in your kitchen.

They say the best kitchen style you’ll ever have is the one reflecting your personality, so choose your marble wisely, as it represents you. It usually comes with dramatic veining for an edgier look or subtle veining for a minimalistic finish. When white, it will make your kitchen appear twice as elegant.

In case your credit card doesn’t allow marble’s abundance, you can substitute it with quartzite. It’s a low-maintenance, durable option, but it exudes the same sense of timelessness as marble. Both are natural materials, so now you know where they get their sophistication from.

Shaker Style Cabinets

Shaker-style cabinets have gained the reputation of chameleons in the kitchen remodeling world. Place them in a minimalistic kitchen, and they’ll look sleek and modern. If you see them in a country kitchen, they still feel current without an ounce of datedness to them. You can easily recognize them by their distinctive square corners.
Their simple design, complemented by light painting color, adds a fresh and airy feel to your kitchen. The high-quality materials are made to ensure longevity. These specific characteristics deserve recognition, so that’s why we’re expecting to see these cabinets everywhere.

White Cabinets

A kitchen must be clean and pristine, and white represents all of these qualities. By choosing white cabinets for your kitchen remodel, you can easily add a few inches to this room. This bright hue is among the easiest to combine. It works especially well with black and camel. We suggest combining them with rose gold hardware for a stylishly luxurious pairing.
White cabinets and marble countertop kitchen remodel design

Subtle, Muted Color Palette

For most people, a timeless color palette is restricted only to black, white, and cream. And we partially agree that these three shades are the alpha and omega of classiness.
However, having a timeless kitchen doesn’t mean compromising your creativity. Instead of limiting yourself, follow our advice. Go for the ‘dirtied down’ versions of vivid colors – they always appear more refined. In that way, you needn’t have to deprive yourself of your favorite shades yet enhance their aesthetic appeal. There are no dilemmas that gentle mauve is way classier than a heavily saturated violet. In fact, there’s no comparison.

Natural Materials

Sometimes, manufacturers outdo themselves and may create an irresistible kitchen element made of an artificial material. You marvel at the sight of what you bought. However, it looks good only until you compare it to a natural material.

When placed next to an organic one, you’ll realize their sheerness and glimmer look low-priced. Natural ones are the gold standard of kitchen remodel materials; regardless of whether you choose wood or marble, unparalleled quality is guaranteed.

Kitchen remodel idea for Kitchen cabinets in light sage green color

Fluted Architectural Details

History has always been and will remain the greatest source of inspiration for mankind. Those who follow the interior design world know there’s more to fluted details than what meets the eye.
It’s up to you to choose one area where you want to apply this design idea and let it do its magic. You can apply this style to many materials. Without a doubt, it makes kitchens more textured and interesting to look at, and it doesn’t overwhelm the kitchen if done carefully.

Vintage and Stainless Steel Appliances

One thing is certain – vintage appliances never seem outdated in a kitchen remodel design. What’s more, with many people choosing modern appliances these last few years, you’ll come off as more inventive, as these retro marvels never seem to lose their allure.
Stainless steel secured its spot within the classics because of its sleek and elegant look. Perfectionists will be especially happy to hear that this kitchen remodel material makes the kitchen appear spotless. Even if there are some minor irregularities, they’ll pass unnoticed.
It comes off as a professional kitchen remodel choice. It’s durable yet practical. So, it comes as no surprise that the food service industry consistently uses it.

Decorative Island Lighting

If you’re a fan of kitchen lighting capable of stealing the show, you’ll love this kitchen remodel suggestion. Apart from their obvious functional importance, they can quickly become the focal point of your kitchen. Especially convenient for edge lovers, this lightning option comes in various forms.
If you get creative with the shapes and lines, you may create an island lightning like no other. On top of that, you won’t need to change it every year to keep up with trends.

Open Shelving Concept

With the open shelving concept, you can showcase the marvels your kitchen has to offer. It offers a touch of personalization as you reveal your best elements. This kitchen remodeling idea isn’t just a passing trend. It will continue to adorn your kitchen for many years to come.
This style isn’t reserved for those who have time to reorder the dishes constantly. Google the word sprezzatura – the art of making things look effortlessly good. By purposely leaving the shelves imperfect, they’ll appear cooler.

Don't Settle For Nothing Less Than The Best

At SemBro Design & Supply, we stand by the idea of creating kitchens that not only suit your personal taste but also stand strong over time. Choosing enduring options like solid marble or quartzite, classic Shaker cabinets, and soft, natural colors will keep your kitchen looking fresh and inviting for years.
We know that remodeling your kitchen is a big decision, one that’s about more than just making it look good for now. It’s about creating a space that continues to bring joy and adds value to your home well into the future. Whether you love the clean look of stainless steel appliances or the warm feel of natural materials, our team is here to help make your kitchen dreams a reality. Let’s build not just a modern kitchen, but a space where every detail counts and every moment is cherished.