Kitchen Remodel Advice from Kitchen Remodeling Pros

They say you are what you eat – we say you are where you eat. A fine-tuned kitchen remodel is a great and exciting way to bring some soul into your home. While the process of a full kitchen remodel usually comes with a median five-figure spend, the return on investment can recoup up to an average of 60%.
On the other hand, a kitchen remodel can be quite the nerve-wrecking and pocket-emptying ordeal if insufficiently planned and uncoordinated. Surrounding yourself with the right team and following solid advice from established professionals will make a light work out of the experience. Let’s take a brief look at what you should prioritize and what you should avoid when taking on the task of a kitchen remodel.
A sleek, modern, finished kitchen remodel.

Planning a Full-Proof Kitchen Remodel for Your Home

During the planning phase of your kitchen renovations, make sure you take every variable into account. Attentively consider the overall design, materials, appliances, and finishes you want to integrate into the desired aesthetic and stick to your decisions when you make them.
Another important aspect to consider is whether you are autonomously capable of executing the renovations yourself or whether you will involve a professional team of kitchen remodel contractors. Making the correct commitment in this scenario can ultimately save you a significant portion of your time and money and determine the quality of the finished product.

Budgeting Your Kitchen Remodel

At an average cost of around $22.000, the first and foremost step of any kitchen remodel is to designate the right budget. A thorough funds allocation plan includes detailed calculations of the materials, appliances, and labor costs. Make sure to stash away a contingency budget in case some things go sideways.

Quality vs Quantity

During the budgeting stage of your kitchen remodel, ensure that you do not compromise on cost-effective alternatives at a below-average standard. The corners you try to cut today will ultimately come back to you at a later time, affecting your finances in the long term.
You always want to invest in well-crafted, long-lasting materials and appliances, ensuring they will serve you and your loved ones for years.

Attention to Functionality

When a choice has to be made between visual aesthetics and functionality, always approach the decision-making process with a clear mind. Avoid letting the exterior appearance of certain items or materials cloud your judgment and reduce your kitchen’s functionality.
If you had taken the responsibility of personally selecting the appliances, countertops and cabinets for your kitchen remodel, investigate their specific dimensions and compare them with your kitchen space. If you want to reduce the margin of error to zero, commissioning an interior designer or taking advice from kitchen remodel contractors is the smart choice.
A well-designed set of kitchen floor plans, cross sections, installation drawings, and virtual three-dimensional representations can help you get a grasp of how the final product will appear.

Designated Storage Space

If you are a homeowner, it should be no surprise that storage capacities almost always present some level of concern in the kitchen. Remember to take into account all the everyday items that you are planning to store, such as cookware, utensils, pantry items, mini-appliances, and others of the sort.
Your drawers, cabinets and shelves should have the capacity to hold all of your desired items, plus offer some extra space for any future purchases and unplanned additions. Modern solutions such as vertical dividers, pull-out shelves, kitchen islands with built-in storage and pantries will provide you the convenience of some additional storage space.

Lighting Solutions

While a singular, overhead chandelier does seem like the cost-effective solution, a modern kitchen should not solely rely on a single source of illumination, nor should you. A lavish-looking lighting system can make an extravagant dining experience and boost the overall value of your home. Smart lighting solutions can be integrated within your kitchen in the following ways:
  • Under the cabinets: The innovation and use of modern LED strips has taken interior lighting to the next level. Adding lights under your kitchen cabinets will illuminate the work surfaces, offering a sleek look and a convenient cooking experience.
  • Under the countertops and lower areas: Using LED lighting in the lower area of your kitchen will make the flooring finish stand out and simultaneously provide a wealthy, gorgeous aesthetic.
  • Towards the center of the kitchen island: If you decided to go with an island, you can turn it into your kitchen’s centerpiece. Adding proper overhead lighting, pointing towards the center of the island will give it that luxurious, illuminating look we all love and cherish.
  • Natural lighting: While drawing out the details of your kitchen remodel, carefully determine whether the already-existing natural light in the area is sufficient. As you are already doing the renovations, opening up some extra window space might not be such a bad idea.

Hiring Professional Kitchen Remodel Contractors

A full-blown kitchen renovation might sound like a good passion project to take on by yourself, however, it will require a significant amount of time, effort and a comprehensive skill-set. Hiring a professional team of kitchen remodel contractors will notably speed up the process and most importantly, guarantee a quality build, leaving no room for error.
A remodeling company can provide you with a professional interior designer that will simplify the planning process and paint you a clear picture of the final design. The contractors with years of experience under their belt, will meticulously craft your new dining area to the dot of your imagination.
If hiring a team of professional kitchen remodel contractors, make sure to address all of your expectations accordingly and define the terms of engagement appropriately.
Kitchen remodeling contractor is finishing up the final touches.

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