Why Summer Is the Best Time to Remodel Your Kitchen


American homeowners have been busy the last couple of years designing and renovating their houses. These projects include everything from painting an accent wall to adding house extensions. Still, the full kitchen remodel is one home improvement that brings homeowners the most satisfaction, scoring an impressive 9.8 on the joy score scale.

If you’re one of the 52% of American homeowners who plan on renovating this year, specifically redoing your kitchen, you’re probably wondering when the best time to start is.

Well, the answer is right around the corner. The weather is warmer, and the days are longer, which means summer is almost upon us.SemBro Design & Supply is here to show why this is the ideal time of year to give your kitchen a facelift. Let’s go over the advantages!

How to Pre-Plan a Successful Kitchen Renovation

While summer is the perfect time to start renovations, you must sort out the details beforehand. When you have a solid plan, the kitchen remodel will go smoothly, and you won’t waste time making last-minute decisions. Before setting a date, you must:
  • Have a good design plan.
  • Pick a color palette
  • Choose a style for cabinets and countertops.
  • Choose the materials for cabinets and countertops.
  • Buy new appliances and fixtures.
To make the process smoother, consult with a remodeling company like SemBro Design & Supply. If you get the planning and timing right, you’ll enjoy a finished kitchen in no time.

Greater Flexibility and Availability

Most people have a more open schedule during the summer. The kids are off from school and don’t have extracurricular activities you need to drive them to and pick them up from. They might even be in summer camp and out of the house entirely. Even the grown-ups have an easier time getting PTO during the summer. With some advanced planning, you won’t have trouble clearing your summer schedule and planning your renovations.

Contractors are aware of the fact that they’ll be in high demand during the summer, so they make it a point to have enough staff available to satisfy demand.

They stock up on extra supplies, from cabinet materials to paint swatches, so you’ll have a full range of options to choose from. At SemBro Design & Supply, we have a crew of 50+ in-house workers, making it easy to start your kitchen remodel when it suits you best.

An experienced worker in the middle of a kitchen remodel

Less Disruption to Everyday Life

extensive remodel will put your kitchen out of commission for a while and disrupt meal times. This is a problem during winter and fall when everyone craves a warm, home-cooked meal. However, you have plenty of other choices during summer. You can easily throw together a salad and some sandwiches or fire up the grill and enjoy your yard or patio with some good Ole’ American BBQ. There are also plenty of outdoor activities that will take you away from all the construction chaos of the kitchen remodel for a few hours.

Longer Workdays for Faster Project Wrap-up

A complete kitchen remodel usually takes several weeks to complete. This time can increase if the workers don’t have an ideal working situation or become shorter when the conditions are just right. During summer, the days are longer, which means more daylight and more hours in which the workers can be productive. Who doesn’t love the sun, after all? They don’t need to waste time setting up additional lighting equipment to see. They can just open the windows and work using natural sunlight. The extra daytime hours mean workers can come in early and leave late, shaving days off the time it takes to finish your kitchen remodel.

Good Lighting for Better Desing Choices

However, extra sunlight isn’t just beneficial for the workers. Homeowners can also take advantage of the natural sunlight to see what the kitchen countertops and cabinetry they choose will actually look like in their homes. While most showrooms try their best to showcase the materials, the artificial lights can sometimes be deceptive.

Natural lighting will help you see if the gray granite countertops you chose actually match the gray of your cabinets or if quartz is a better choice. Extra sunlight will make it easier to see if the hardwood flooring is a little too dark and if switching to a lighter shade will open up the space.

The perfect lighting condition you get in summer will help you make better design choices you won’t regret later on. Combined with the expertise of a remodeling company, such as SemBro Design & Supply, you’ll get a kitchen remodel that satisfies your expectations.

Better Ventilation and Faster Drying Times

A kitchen remodel can get messy, with dust and debris from construction going everywhere. In summer, the good weather means you can open the windows and doors and let some fresh air in. The crew will be more comfortable, as they’ll be working with fewer disruptions. Natural ventilation will also stop dust from flying around and piling up in other areas of your house. Securing tiles and countertops requires strong glue, so the open windows will also minimize the unpleasant smell. Once certain kitchen elements are installed and glued down, they need time to dry. The same goes for freshly painted walls. Summer offers plenty of warm weather and low humidity, especially in states like Ohio. The higher temperatures and ventilation will also speed up drying times, so you won’t have to wait very long between the remodeling phases.
Semi-finished kitchen remodel in natural daylight

Ready for the Holiday Season

Most kitchen renovations take a few weeks to complete, so if you start your project early in the summer, your new kitchen will be ready before the fall holiday season. The holidays are stressful enough without worrying if you’ll have a working kitchen to cook your festive meals in. Even if you encounter some unexpected issues during your kitchen remodel, starting in summer will give the work crew plenty of time to find a solution you like. Depending on the size of your home improvement project, your new kitchen might be ready well before the holidays start. This will give you time to get familiar with the new layout. Schedule the remodel when summer begins if you want to show off your kitchen just in time for Thanksgiving.

Choose SemBro Design & Supply For Your Kitchen Remodel

As we’ve discussed the benefits of remodeling your kitchen in the summer, it’s clear that this season is ideal for making big changes to your home. The longer days, better weather, and easier scheduling all add up to a smoother, quicker renovation process. So why wait? Start planning this summer and enjoy your new kitchen by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, ready to host, celebrate, and create lasting memories. Let SemBro help turn your kitchen dreams into reality with the best timing and expert care.